Marty Beard
[ad_1] Though they make up only 4% of Canada’s female population, Canadian indigenous women and girls have accounted… / Read More [ad_2] Source link
Marty Beard
[ad_1] Toyota Motors is reportedly adopting Auto Grade Linux (AGL) as its infotainment system platform in U.S. models… / Read More [ad_2] Source link
Diane Manning
[ad_1] Life@MobileIron June 1, 2017 As the MobileIron Marketing localization manager, I work with our people across the globe to make sure that our content sings in many languages and markets. Naturally, I jumped when I got the chance to travel to Antigua, Guatemala, to amplify the work of women leading change globally. In early […]
Sriram Krishnan
[ad_1] The BlackBerry Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform is not only a platform of choice for several thousand enterprises,… / Read More [ad_2] Source link
[ad_1] A new release of the BBM Enterprise application is now available for Android and BlackBerry 10 (iOS… / Read More [ad_2] Source link
Sinisha Patkovic
[ad_1] Mobile apps and digital services have changed how we engage with most industry sectors…except government. People who’ve… / Read More [ad_2] Source link
Timothy Jackson
[ad_1] Internet of Things Mobile Security May 17, 2017 Whenever history seemed to repeat itself, my Granny used to quip, “same song, different verse.” As the WannaCry (WNCRY) ransomware spread like wildfire in a dry forest, I heard the familiar refrain and discordant notes of previous worms: Blaster (2003), Welchia “Nachi” (2003), and Conflicker (2008). […]
Alex Manea
[ad_1] Earlier this year, over 33,000 databases were hacked in what was, at the time, the largest ransomware… / Read More [ad_2] Source link
Carl Wiese
[ad_1] A major thunderstorm strikes a large metropolitan area where your organization has a significant presence, spawning a… / Read More [ad_2] Source link
[ad_1] People are the cornerstone of every successful partner program. They are the driving force behind every partnership,… / Read More [ad_2] Source link
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